Welcome to my blog! I’m Jess, I’m a farmer’s girlfriend (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, I know) and I live on an arable farm with Dan (the handsome farmer) and our two wonderful pooches. 

We have a farm, as well as running a contracting business so my days vary from being in the office, to delivering diesel, parts, pizza (…needs must!), to having free time to socialise and hopefully now adding to my blog!

The other exciting part of our life at the moment is we have recently been granted planning permission to build a farmhouse which is a dream come true. I have always loved interior design and we have been living in a mobile home since May 2014 whilst trying to make this happen (we haven’t killed each other – yet) so it has been a long time coming!

So hopefully this blog will give you an insight into my day to day country life, design and decor ideas, as well as you sharing the journey of building our forever family home!

So thank you so much for visiting, and welcome to my world!